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Principal's Message

Dear Parents,
I extend a very heartily welcome to you for being a part of Arya. I also thank you for entrusting us with the future of your child.
The School has completed thirty sessions since inception. It gives us a feeling if immense satisfaction that we have made a contribution to the field of education on our humbly way. The school has metamorphosed from a small seed to a plant of global standing with all the hi-tech facilities that we offer to our students and teachers.
A large part of our strength is derived from our teachers who have placed their heart and soul in shaping up the institution, yet another part of our strength has been the undaunted and untiring co-operation and support of the parents. The growth of our society and the progress of the world are dependent on our commitment to foster in our children, and among ourselves, the co-existence and mutual respect for much different kind of minds.
Arya shall accomplish multiple goals. The challenging academic programs, leading edge facilities, and exciting social, athletic and aesthetic activities-all these contribute to make Arya an outstanding school, which will provide an integrated approach learning.
I extend thanks to all those practitioner and support team, who are driven by the quest for excellence in their respective areas and each one of whom is always responsive to the energetic engaging, demanding and delightful quests of the young, impressionable minds.
Looking forward to your continued support.